Tips & Tidbits

New Loan Program: Good news! According to my very reliable source, Pat Goodell of Academy Mortgage, now Lenders in Portland can do Conventional loans with 3% down which may make the Conventional loan an even better option than FHA! There are different variables, though- FHA requires 3.5% down for buyers with high credit scores. Conventional loans require 3% down, and/but it needs to be the buyers’ own savings and not a gift, whereas FHA allows the 3.5% down to be a gift.

Your Loan… Your Credit… During a Transaction: Just a reminder that it is VERY important to heed your lender’s advice NOT to do anything with regard to your credit during a transaction. Occasionally you hear of a Buyer who decides to buy a new car while involved in a transaction. More often Buyers just want to “help” and think they can improve their standing by removing money from a line of credit and depositing it in one of their accounts, or consolidating debt, or closing old accounts… Please listen when we say… Just Don’t! Leave the lending process to the lending professionals who are there to help you, and don’t do anything at all in this regard without first discussing it with your lender.

Lake Oswego Services Activity Guide: It is obvious to most that lake Oswego is a vibrant community with so much to offer its citizens in a myriad of different areas of interest and need. You can now click here to access the Services Activity Guide and/or call 503-635-0257 for more information. Summer’s upon us… time to find out more about what’s happening in LO!

Farmers Market: Lake Oswego’s acclaimed Farmers Market is in full swing. Join all the fun & sun-loving Lake Oswegans at Millenium Park Plaza on Saturdays from 8:30Am till 1:30 PM. You’ll find fresh flowers, produce, plants, poultry, chicken, eggs, cheeses, honey, salsa, lavender…. way too much to list here!