Someone’s Got to Do It!

Monday, August 9th is Realtor Day at the Street of Dreams. Dianne and I decided to get a jump on everything and visited a day early. I know she wants to do a post on trends, so I won’t share the most fun pictures with you, but here we are as real human Realtors doing the hard investigative work for YOU!

Here is Dianne in very good hands (sorry…couldn’t resist : )

Again… we work hard for you.

Dianne hated this bathroom ; )

AND we’re learning that (as we wipe our brows) we really need to avail ourselves of the help that has become so common in all of our lives. (So bougie…)

Lastly, with all that energy we save by not having to mow our lawns, we can now relax with a few of our best moves on the court.

Seriously, it was a lovely day. Dianne and I get to see a lot of homes obviously, but its always a treat to see the latest trends in layout, materials, fixtures & colors. As I mentioned, Dianne will be covering these trends, so I’ll let her share the meaty stuff, but I will say that it is very worth your while this year. Here is a link to get your ticket! You may visit 10AM-9PM through August 22nd. They’re closed Mondays & Tuesdays. CLICK HERE

Real Estate in the Time of COVID

Dear Property Blotter Readers,

Dianne and I are thinking of you during this challenging moment & wishing health and peace to you and yours. I hope this is a time of staying at home with your loved ones & enjoying some things you usually don’t get to enjoy.

I’m told by my trusted Mortgage Advisors that mortgage interest rates are supposed to dip to 3-ish again shortly as that zero interest rate flushes out the crush that happened a few weeks ago when they went down that low (the saturation pushed them back up to 4-ish for a time). Sales are actually moving along really well in Lake Oswego and the overall Portland area right now (see Market Report). Prices are lowering in some cases and being pushed up in others with multiple offers. In other words- the usual, and right now we have 182 Active Properties for sale in Lake Oswego, with 87 currently Pending and 22 Sold/Closed last week. 22 of those Active Properties went on the market just last week.

The other day RMLS removed the Open House section from the site. Some Agents will still choose to have them and be very careful, but most are not doing so out of an appropriate abundance of caution, for now. Everyone is being extremely careful with sanitizing everything and following Seller guidelines for private in-person showings. Buyers are demonstrating a bit more discernment up front & are seeing only properties they’ve decided are on their “serious” list, which cuts down on any potential exposure for everyone as we all do our part. Typically hand-sanitizer is out, booties are used for shoes, Buyers are advised not to touch anything (for them and for the Seller) and Agents will generally wipe the lockbox, door handles, switches etc. Buyers are encouraged to bring their own wipes & sanitizer with them and to wear gloves and/or masks as warranted either by Seller instruction or their own sensibilities. Some Sellers will want their own Agent at showings to observe that nothing is touched in the home so that their Seller can return home with their mind at ease, and/but either way, Agents are doing their utmost to ensure safe protocols are followed.

As for promoting Listings, there are, of course, cool tools that can and are being promoted more liberally like Virtual Open Houses, Video Walk-Through’s and other things. Ask me if you’re interested in learning more about that.

In general, we all are in this together, and the camaraderie at-a-distance and diligence in every sector of the real estate community is truly impressive ~ People helping people fulfill their life-goals and stay safe & healthy in the process.

Please take care and do get in touch with me or with Dianne if you have a life-goal you don’t really want to put off ; ) We can make it happen, efficiently and safely.

Be Well~

5959 Suncreek Dr

Well, that was fast. My new listing on Suncreek Dr has gone pending. A family has been renting in the neighborhood and just waiting for the right house to come along. They saw this one and jumped on it. One of their requests was that this weekend’s open houses be canceled. For this reason, there will not be an open house at 5959 Suncreek Dr this weekend.

Thank you!

Open House today 1-4!

Now’s your chance to come and see this gorgeous Lake Oswego home! I’ll be holding it open today from 1-4pm. Follow my signs from Boones Ferry Rd at Twin Fir to 2990 Glen Eagles Rd.

This house features a great room floor plan with 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a den and a bonus/family room. It is good sized at 3787 square feet. Listed at $1,150,000 that is just $303 per square foot and one of the best values in newer construction in Lake Oswego. It is a tremendous value! Built in 2010, it has gorgeous woodwork that includes wainscoting, custom cabinets and hardwood floors. The kitchen is huge and has a commercial-size Jenn-aire range, granite counters, and a massive cooking island. This is a kitchen that is ideal for big gatherings of people and amazing entertaining.

Did I mention that it is on over a third of an acre? This is super rare as new homes are usually built on much smaller lots. To find a newer home, on a big lot, is very special. In addition the house has access to 4, yes, that’s right, 4, boating easements.

I am very exciting to be holding this house open today. The only thing that would make it better is if you come and see this house! Oh yeah, it’s air conditioned. Bonus!

I hope to see you,

Open Houses ~ Easter & Passover 2014

Eater 2014Easter is Here!  Dianne and I hope that you are enjoying some relaxation time with Loved Ones. We will be basking in the Oregon Sunshine and doing some relaxing ourselves. May this holiday signal a Newness in Your Life in some way that you have been wishing for.

Happy Easter & Passover!

Dianne and Linda

Oh… and there is one home being held Open according to RMLS : )

Address L/Price # Beds # Baths Total SF Prop Cat OPEN
1273 WELLS ST $789,000 4 3 4091 DETACHD 1-4 PM

Open Houses ~ Sun, Apr 6, 2014

There are 27 homes being held Open in Lake Oswego this beautiful Sunday according to RMLS.


Address L/Price # Beds # Bath Total SF Style Open
4 TOUCHSTONE ##137 $122,500 2 2 984 CONDO 2-4PM
468 5TH ST #13 $319,000 2 1.1 1092 TOWNHSE 1-3PM
1796 BONNIEBRAE DR $319,900 3 2.1 1782 TOWNHSE 1-3PM
304 6TH ST $399,900 1 1 941 DETACHD 1-3PM
3065 ROYCE WAY $469,000 4 2.1 2726 DETACHD 1-4PM
1571 WOODLAND TER $479,000 3 2 2400 DETACHD 1-3PM
13378 PETERS RD $499,000 3 2.2 2355 DETACHD 12-3PM
6 SCARBOROUGH DR $500,000 5 3 2513 DETACHD 1-3PM
17488 MARDEE AVE $519,000 4 2.1 2168 DETACHD 1-3PM
3601 RED CEDAR WAY $525,000 4 2 2226 DETACHD 1-4PM
880 WOODWAY CT $525,000 4 3 3478 DETACHD 1-3PM
5318 COVENTRY CT $540,000 4 2.1 2407 DETACHD 2-4PM
5101 SW DAWN AVE $549,000 5 3 2700 DETACHD 11AM-1PM
7 BERNINI CT $549,000 4 2.1 3314 DETACHD 1-4PM
1428 PINE ST $550,000 3 3.1 2738 DETACHD 1-4PM
11 MASARYK ST $569,900 4 4 4823 DETACHD 1-3PM
16198 NOLA CT $598,950 4 2.1 2425 DETACHD 1-3PM
18059 WESTMINSTER DR $645,000 4 2.1 3214 DETACHD 1-3PM
1704 GLENMORRIE TER $699,000 5 3 4292 DETACHD 1-4PM
18112 WESTMINSTER DR $700,000 5 4 4391 DETACHD 1-4PM
1245 CHANDLER RD $797,500 4 4 3278 DETACHD 1-4PM
755 6TH ST $929,000 4 3.1 4170 DETACHD 1-4PM
17390 GRANDVIEW CT $949,900 4 4.2 4516 DETACHD 1-3PM
18325 CRESTLINE DR $1,240,000 5 4 4552 DETACHD 12-3PM
17342 RIDGEVIEW CT $1,250,000 4 3.1 4240 DETACHD 2-4PM
2120 GLENMORRIE DR $1,275,000 4 3.1 4293 DETACHD 12-2PM
17442 RIDGEVIEW LN $1,375,000 4 3.2 5036 DETACHD 2-4PM

The Open House

photo-1There are few subjects that Realtors are quite as opinionated about as open houses. Some think they are great while others swear them off like the plague. I think it might be helpful to give you my take on the subject.

Open Houses have value and are worth having
It is true that your home is not likely to sell as the result of an open house, but it does happen. I would estimate that I have sold at least a dozen homes over the years from an open house. I have sold homes to people who walk in cold with no Realtor, but more often I have had people who came to my open go back to their own buyer’s agent and ask them to write up the offer.

There are two types of open houses
Public open houses are advertized to the general public, usually on websites like, our property blotter, and on-line classifieds like trulia. It is important that the public open be advertized. While I enjoy meeting the neighbors, I want people to come through who know the price and size and are there because it fits their needs. Public open houses are usually on Sundays between noon and 4 pm. They usually are hosted for 2 to 3 hours somewhere in that window of time.

Broker’s opens are held on Tuesdays here in Lake Oswego. They usually go from 11am to 1pm. Most real estate offices have a sales meeting on Tuesday mornings about 9am. The broker tour is intended to create an easy opportunity for one or a group of Realtors to easily gain access to houses to preview them for clients.

Realtor’s have fantastic Internet access to photos and maps for homes which makes the need for Broker’s Tour much less than it used to be. But I put every listing on Broker’s Tour and then I host the open so that I can talk to other Realtors and really point out the features of the house. There are enough Realtors who do physically tour to make this an important part of my marketing. I also really love the professional networking that happens.

Buyers go to Open Houses
I think most people who are considering buying a home feel compelled to hop into their cars on Sundays and go drive about looking for open houses. Even with the Internet, there is nothing like going inside of houses.

Get your house ready!
Have your house spotlessly clean, drapes and blinds wide open, and the rooms properly staged. Open houses can be a real motivator to work on and maintain your house in show-ready condition.

Feel free to give Linda or myself a call if you have any questions or if you are thinking about getting in gear to sell your home. We would love to be of help.

Open Houses 2/16/2014

This Sunday in Lake Oswego there are 17 open houses scheduled, including my own at 4216 Albert Circle. This is a great house, all on 1-level, with some great features for $459,000. I’ll be there from noon to 2pm. You’ll find my directional signs on Bryant Rd. Please come on by!

Last fall
Last fall

Address Price Type Bedroom Bath Open
6397 McEwan Rd $289,900 Detached 3 2 2 to 4
720 8th St $425,000 Detached 3 2 1 to 3
4216 Albert Circle $459,000 Detached 3 2 12 to 2
4109 Wolf Berry Ct $519,000 Detached 4 2.5 1 to 4
1428 Pine St $550,000 Detached 3 3.5 1 to 3
1830 Cloverleaf Rd $598,000 Detached 3 2.5 2 to 4
363 6th St $599,900 Attached 3 3.5 1 to 4
18020 Jenifers Way $609,881 Detached 4 2.5 1 to 4
19524 River Run Dr $618,950 Detached 4 2.5 1 to 3
14113 Amberwood Circle $684,000 Detached 4 2.5 1 to 3
13528 Twin Creek Ln $689,900 Detached 4 3.5 1 to 3
18982 Bryant Rd $719,900 Detached 4 3.5 1 to 3
1640 Oak St $725,000 Detached 4 2.5 12 to 3
67 Nansen Summit $1,050,000 Detached 6 4 2 to 4
316 Ridgeway Rd $1,225,000 Detached 4 3 2 to 4
17342 Ridgeview Ct $1,250,000 Detached 4 3.5 1 to 3
1345 Cherry Ln $1,295,000 Detached 5 3.5 1 to 4

Open Houses 2/214

It may be Superbowl Sunday, but kick off isn’t until 3:30. So there’s plenty of time to take in one of these great open houses. Enjoy!

Address Price Type Bedroom Bath Open
16200 Pacific Hwy #35 $299,000 condo 2 2 12 to 2
4109 Wolf Berry Ct $519,000 detached 4 2.5 12 to 3
1830 Cloverleaf Rd $598,000 detached 3 2.5 12 to 2:30
14232 Meadow Grass St $619,000 detached 4 3 1 to 4
17632 Woodhurst Pl $648,950 detached 5 4.5 12 to 2
1273 Wells St $799,000 detached 4 3 12 to 3
19463 Lorna Ln $899,800 detached 4 3.5 1 to 4
316 Ridgeway Rd $1,225,000 detached 4 3 12 to 2:30

Open Houses 1/19/13

There are 18 open houses in Lake Oswego this Sunday. Enjoy!

Address Price Type Bedroom Bath Open
1531 Bonniebrae Dr $244,900 Attached 3 1.5 12 to 2
2719 Greentree Rd $449,950 Detached 5 3.5 1 to 4
4109 Wolf Berry Ct $519,000 Detached 4 2.5 1 to 4
5554 Royal Oaks Dr $525,000 Detached 3 2 1 to 3
55 Aquinas St $574,900 Detached 5 3 11 to 1
14 Del Prado St $583,000 Detached 3 3.5 1 to 3
421 Middlecrest Rd $629,900 Detached 3 2.5 1 to 3
3015 Royce Way $689,900 Detached 4 3.5 1 to 3
3826 Upper Dr $739,900 Detached 4 2.5 1 to 4
18112 Westminster Dr $750,000 Detached 5 4 2 to 4
18499 Old River Dr $819,000 Detached 4 3.5 11:30 to 1:30
4540 Lamont Way $874,950 Detached 5 2.5 1 to 3
13537 Fielding Rd $895,000 Detached 4 3.5 1 to 3
18325 River Edge Ln $899,995 Detached 3 3.5 1 to 3
2943 Lakeview Blvd $995,000 Detached 4 3 1 to 3
752 E Ave $998,500 Detached 3 3 1 to 3
17322 Cedar Rd $1,149,500 Detached 4 4.5 1 to 3
13310 Atwater Ln $1,249,900 Detached 5 4 2 to 4