News & Notes

Bill Korach, Superintendent of Lake Oswego Schools since 1987;   respected & beloved administrator known for arriving at the office at around 6:15AM and not leaving till the last meeting of the evening, announced his retirement. There is a catch however… he is planning to continue working in his position for the next year, and very possibly beyond.. just one stipulation: no pay. That’s right, he is planning to donate his time, expertise and energies to the school district with the aim of saving teachers’ jobs. At a time when the treasured Lake Oswego school system is, like most all of them these days, looking at making cuts, re-working and restructuring the schools themselves, this is truly a novel and selfless act that will have a real bottom-line effect. Hats off to Bill Korach! Here’s an article for more info if you’re interested: Oregon Live Article (photo from Lake Oswego Review)

The three leading causes of traffic crash injuries are:  Safety Restraint Use, Speed and Impaired Drivers.  Lake Oswego Police are conducting their “3 Flags Safety Campaign until February 20th.  To learn more, check out this article: 3 Flags Safety Campaign

Commercial Food Waste Program – Allied Waste which services Lake Oswego residents, is conducting a special program reducing the amount of waste going into the landfills and sewer system.  The basic gist of this program is that customers are able to separate their garbage into waste & general garbage so that the waste can be composted.  If you are interested in participating or learning more, you may call: 503 636 3011