A Partnership

In this sweet time between Thanksgiving and Christmas I find myself reflecting on so many good things. One of those good things is my clients, both past and present. Over the years I’ve kept a note book where I write down names and addresses, but also personal information such as children’s names and pets. Then each December I send out a holiday greeting that I snail mail and hand address. I do it this way for a very specific reason. We learn in different ways, but writing is a method of memorizing. So each year, as I go through my note book and hand address envelopes, I find myself remembering people and reflecting on their lives and how long they have been in their homes. This year it has also lead me to think about how I feel like with each and every one of my clients I have formed a partnership.

I think there are a lot of misconceptions about Realtors and how Realtors work. I would estimate that for every hour you spend with your Realtor, that Realtor is working about 4 hours behinds the scenes without you. We do a lot of research, correspondence, investigating, and so much more. In turn I think it is about the same for my clients. When they are not with me I think that they too are doing research, correspondence, and investigating. Together we are working towards the same goal, a successful real estate experience and transaction.

I also think the key to a good partnership is communication and listing. Sometimes we just need to quit talking and pay attention to what the other person is saying. The listening is so important. I need to understand where you are coming from. I need to HEAR you.

I really value these partnerships. Twice in the last week I have had past clients let me know that they really appreciate what I do for them. Such music to my ears! I know it’s been a good partnership and that we will work together again in the future.

So I guess I’m counting my blessings and feel grateful for such good partnerships.

Linda and I have really worked on being the best Realtors we can be for our clients. She and I would love to be of help to you if you have any questions or concerns when it comes to real estate. Feel free to reach out to either one of us. We’d love to be your real estate partner.