Tips For a Great Lunch Spot

Years ago Lake Oswego had very few good restaurants. Getting a bite to eat at lunch tended to mean driving into Portland. Not so today. Today Lake Oswego has many great places to grab lunch. I thought today I’d share a few that I particularly like.

Pho’ LaVang is hands down my favorite place to get pho’, and this includes better than the many restaurants that make pho’ in Portland. I first visited Pho’ LaVang when it was a tiny little restaurant in a strip mall on Pilkington Road. It was mostly take out with only a very small table for 2-3 people. The man who owned it was chatty and friendly and wonderful. He introduced me to Vietnamese cuisine and I have loved it ever since. The popularity of the food quickly allowed the restaurant to out grow its cubby-hole location until it expanded to it’s current home at 16120 Lower Boones Ferry Rd, right in the heart of Lake Grove. They serve salad rolls, stir fry dishes, salt and pepper squid, kungpao, and more. My favorite is is the vegetable pho’. The broth is slow cooked, deep and rich, with plenty of fresh vegetables and tofu.

Curry in a Hurry is on the other end of town in the Palisades Shopping Center (1235 McVey Ave). This Thai restaurant has a comfy neighborhood atmosphere that is inviting and relaxing. Pad Thai, spicy noodles, all manner of curry dishes, fried rice, yakisoba, all of the classic Thai dishes that I love. The prices are amazing. I had lunch a week or so ago for $7.50 and it included a cup of coconut milk and vegetable soup.

Pine Shed Ribs is located in the same strip mall where Pho’ LaVang got its start: 17730 Pilkington Rd. Specializing in Santa Maria Tri-tip, this classic pit barbecue is a well honed machine of deliciousness. I’m not a big meat eater, but I do love good barbecue. Along with tri-tip and ribs you’ll find chicken and sausage. They serve great sides to compliment the great meats: everything from pinquito beans to mac n cheese and corn bread. Yum!

This is just three of many options. Our little town has done a great job of fostering some wonderful restaurants. I highly recommend that you come on down and give them a try.