Hello Property Blotter Readers!

Ok, I have a short post for you today as I’m running around helping clients along with Dianne and Whitney. Hopefully this will be helpful to some, though.

I constantly encounter clients who are searching in all kinds of places for properties online. I’m often amazed at getting lists of addresses people are interested in, only to find out that they’re all either Pending or Sold. ***The reason for this is that these sites (I won’t name them, but they are very popular and do a lot of advertising on television etc : ) basically suck their data out of the main database that Realtors use as their source of information; The MLS. Once they have that data, what their database does with it is anyone’s guess.

The minute a property goes on the market, its entered into and becomes viewable on the MLS. When it is Pending that’s entered and immediately viewable on the MLS.  When properties enter the market or change status to Pending, Sold, etc., these other sites have a lag time for updating their information, and they’re all different. Some hang onto properties a LONG time after they become unavailable.  So…. I highly recommend searching the MLS directly.  In addition to that, there are Good resources that offer various types of searching and stay pretty up to date.  Here are a few I recommend:


My Own Website’s Detailed Searching Database: CLICK HERE  ***My website allows you to set up automatic emails direct to you whenever a property meeting your needs comes on the market.

Our Oregon First Search Tool (click the Search Property Search Tab):  CLICK HERE

There are other sites I could discuss with you if you are interested.

Hope this is helpful.  Wherever you find your properties-of-interest, feel free to call or email me (or Dianne or Whitney) with your questions, and we’ll pick up the ball and be your champions!  We also specialize in assisting our clients by finding properties FOR them using our skill and experience to wade through the hundreds of options, finding the ones that best meet your needs.

Enjoy this amazing weekend in Oregon!

Very Best,