My Favorite Things To Do In Lake Oswego

Hello to all our Property Blotter readers!

Well, summer is in full swing and Dianne and I are running like crazy (no… still not too busy for you).

I thought I’d just muse a bit about a few of my favorite things to do in Lake Oswego:

  • I love to start out in the early morning hours at the Palisades Starbucks with a friend and cross over in a nice, brisk walk toward Hallinan.  There are a few uphill spots, but mostly it’s a nice flat walk that winds through picturesque Freepons Park with its walking trails (if you care to deviate and explore), creek, little bridge & friendly neighbors.  Then on to Hallinan Elementary School, where you can continue the walk around the field, or head back for a nice cup of coffee!  More About Palisades
  • Considering my former career as a blues, funk & soul vocalist, I have a lot of friends in the music biz around the Portland area.  I like to go support live music and visit them when they’re in Lake Oswego! Portland is a big blues town, and Lake Oswego is folded right in there.  The Gemini Pub on State Street is a fantastic local haunt that features the best bands in the area, and region.  The feeling is relaxed, the music is great, and the walk home (if you live in Lake Oswego) is extremely pleasant after a full night of music and merriment.  Gemini Bar & Grill
  • Dianne wrote extensively about the summer Concert Series in the park.  Again, the very best music in the northwest right there in the cool Lake Oswego breeze. Sit back with your feet in the grass and listen to the sounds of fantastic music and water lapping the shore of the Willamette River.  Summer Concerts
  • I just LOVED the Lake Twin Cinema. They have been remodeling, so its a mystery what the theatre will be like going into the future (hopefully even better!), but to me, it WAS Lake Oswego just as it was.  When I first moved to Lake Oswego I marveled at its living room feel around the fireplace in the lobby, and how pleasant it can be to wait in line for a popular movie while you gaze at Lake Oswego through the big windows seemingly placed there for that purpose.  But the best thing about the Lake Twin Cinema was the people.  Truly, you had to experience it to understand how stellar the staff is/was.   Read More Here About August Re-Opening!
  • The Dog Park on Stafford Rd is without peer.  There are two fenced free run areas where owners can let their dogs run free, play fetch, chat with neighbors, and just enjoy the wide open feel right there at Luscher Farm & next to Hazelia Field ballpark. One part is for smaller dogs, and the other is for bigger, more rambunctious ones. Just a joy to have this in the community. Hazelia Field Dog Park

Ok… gotta run.  I’ll share more with you about my favorite things in Lake Oswego another time : )

Very Best,