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Buyer…. Be Informed!

As Realtors, we always encourage our Buyer clients to get information “direct from the horse’s mouth”, or more accurately, to call or visit the city where one is purchasing, and talk directly to the Planning or other related department about records for the home. You can ask any number of questions and talk directly to those “in the know”. We do conduct our own research, and do get involved and assist, but I still believe the best practice is for the Buyer to get their information “direct”. That way there’s no translating involved, and nothing that gets left “un-asked” that a client might wish they had asked their Realtor to find out later on. The people at the City are really nice folks, and are there to help. If you’re looking for a home in Lake Oswego, give them a call or pay them a visit! Here’s the link: City of Lake Oswego/Planning.

Similarly, the Internet is a fantastic source for much of the information you want to find out regarding a home’s background, development potential, easements, past permits, lot lines, etc etc etc. There is a site called Portland Maps that can be accessed for information on Lake Oswego properties as well. This link is easy to use. Just type in the address, and voila, the aforementioned, along with demographics, crime statistics, and more is at your fingertips. Here’s the link to Portland Maps.