News & Notes

We hope you are enjoying your summertime, and that if you are in the market for a new home, or looking to sell yours and make a change, you will think of us here in Lake Oswego!  Dianne and I are here to serve you.

Concerts Galore!    It’s summertime in Lake Oswego and Outdoor Concert Season is in full swing!   Click HERE for details on who, where & when!

Lake Oswego Wiki   Looking for information on all things Oswego?   Check out THIS LINK for a massive reservoir of data.

Greater Portland Area Real Estate Trends  Click HERE for a recent article on current market activity in Portland and surrounding areas.

Mortgage Notes  You may have heard that Wells Fargo recently announced its departure from the wholesale mortgage market.  This will not affect any loan currently in progress as far as we understand it.  Talk to your Wells Fargo representative to check on your loan status if you are in process of closing a home mortgage. Click HERE for a recent Business Journal article.