News & Notes

What’s Happening in Lake Oswego? ~


* “Connected Community” Open House –  April 12th 4-7PM ~ The “We Love Lake Oswego” Comprehensive Effort is holding an Open House at the West End Building to hear your thoughts on how you could be best helped as you maneuver around Lake Oswego and to & from other metro locations.  You’ll have a chance to talk with staff and citizens participating in the Transportation Advisory Board. Share your thoughts on safety, walking, biking, roadways, public transit and more.  If you won’t be able to participate in person, you may share your ideas HERE.

*Hop at the Hunt ~  Saturday, April 7th, 11 AM, 2725 Iron Mtn. Blvd. – Fun!  Lake Owego’s Family Egg Hunt at the Lake Oswego Hunt Club will feature Easter Bunny Otis and friends, Lake Oswego Fire Truck, Pony Rides, Police Cruiser, Barn Tours, “Bella” the rabbit, Hot Cocoa Treasure Eggs, and an Egg Recycle Station. There will be a giant Chocolate Bunny given away, so remember to register at the entrance!  or for more information call:  503 636 0674.

*  Monday Morning Bird Walks ~ 7 AM during April in Tryon Creek ~ Join Audubon volunteer Rick Wagner for these fantastic adventures and learn the songs of common resident species among other things.  The walks begin at the Nature Center, 1132`1 SW Terwilliger Blvd. and are free & open to the public. To learn more click HERE.

* Bunkers Clubhouse Cafe ~ 9 AM – 5PM, Tues – Sun, Lake Oswego Golf  Course ~ The awaited Opening has arrived!  Be sure to be part of the fun as golfers and Lake Oswegans enjoy this new venue in a most popular spot.

Some Thoughts on Easter   : )  ~

At this time of year we start to see the blossoms on the trees, and the nascent sprouts of bulbs coming up from the ground for air, and to bloom for our (and their) pleasure.  We look at our neglected yards and start to daydream about plants to install decoratively and functionally (have you noticed how raised bed “victory” gardens have become the norm almost everywhere ???  I think this is so wonderful : )  We start to sneeze, and try to remember what alleviated our allergy symptoms last year.  As we drive down the street we notice more & more “for sale” signs as those who want to make a change of some sort venture forth (now is a great time to beat the onslaught of new listings to come, by the way).  Those of us planning vacations are booking flights online to get the best prices. Those of us who have awoken from a long winter slumber to new love or a new job or new anything are practically chirping with the birds as we greet the day in early morning hours…. and that is the biggest thing about this time of year.  Newness.  Everything seems new.  Look around… you might even see sunshine and blue skies as we get ready for the heavenly months to come in our beloved Oregon locale.  My only message here is to notice… Notice the newness in your life, and savor it.  Take advantage of it.  Live this day for the New day that it is. It will not come again.

Happy Easter!

Linda & Dianne