News & Notes

Here are some Market Tidbits for You~

  • According to RMLS, showing activity 12/5 – 12/11/11 was down by 10.8% in the state of Oregon from the week prior.
  • As always, the holiday season brings more attention to thefts at Open Houses and fraudulent activity of all kinds.  When holding your home Open, make sure to talk to your Realtor about precautions you should be taking such as putting valuables and prescriptions in a safe place.
  • Bank-owned properties are often great bargains.  Make sure to ask your Realtor to check with the Listing Agent and/or your escrow officer if you are entering into a bank-owned transaction, specifically to make sure that a title policy will be issued.  We have heard that there has been some hesitation here & there due to fears of reprisals by former owners, so best just to double-check on your particular property.

What’s Happening in Lake Oswego? ~

* “LO Reads!” – Jan 9th at 6:30PM  ~  There will be a kickoff event for this 6th annual tradition.  Be at the Lake Oswego Library for a free copy of Lake Oswego’s own Brian Doyle’s book, “Mink River”.  Kathryn Claire and Eddie Parente will play the rish fiddle and refreshments will be available.  To learn more about Lake Oswego Reads, CLICK HERE.

* Holiday Tree Recycling – Dec. 30, 31, Jan 1, & 2  + 7 & 8~  The Boy Scouts are recycling trees again this year at George Rogers Park for a small $6.00 donation.  They will be waiting to help you from 9-5 the first four days, and then from 8-4 on Jan 7 & 8.  Make sure to remove all decorations & anything non-organic from the tree before bringing it down to the park.

*Block Foam Recycling! – Sat, Jan 21 ~ If you’re like me, you wonder what the heck to do with this prevalent packing material.  The West End Building at 4101 Kruse Way will be taking it off your hands from 9 AM – 2PM or until the truck is full.  Please read more about it so that you understand what does NOT fall into this category (such as foam peanuts, foam rubber & food packaging).  CLICK HERE