Worth the Price Fix-Ups

If you are in the position of selling your home, and don’t have a big pile of money to make improvements, are there things you can do yourself that are affordable? You bet! With the help of www.homesalemaximizer.com, I have compiled a list of simple things you can do inexpensively. I am also including an estimated return on your efforts.

Clean and declutter, please!
This one is the most obvious. You can not image how often I go into houses where the seller has left the house dirty and cluttered and the property is a total turn-off, even if it is a nice house. Wash, clean, vacuum, make the house sparkle. Put away personal items. You’re going to be moving anyway, now is the time to start packing. Go ahead and put boxes and extra furniture in the garage. It’s OK to fill the garage in order to have a decluttered house. Estimated cost: $290. Estimated return: $1,990

Brighten the house up
Make sure that all light bulbs are working. Open the curtains and turn on all of the lights. Wash the windows inside and out. Replace dated light fixtures. (No brass!) Move furniture so that it does not block the windows. Estimated cost: $375. Estimated return: $1550.

Stage the house
Rooms look bigger when they are not overcrowded. Move furniture so that people can walk through the rooms without bumping into furniture. Think about arranging furniture into 3’s: one sofa and two chairs, one bed and two cabinets, 3 is a balance that is appealing to the eye. Consider updating rooms with new pillows or area rugs. Estimated cost: $550. Estimated return: $2,194.

Cut back overgrowth in your yard. An over-grown yard just screams WORK. Mow the lawn and edge it. Spread new bark dust. Weed and trim. Plant new annuals and set out fresh and bright pots of blooming flowers. Be sure to cut back trees and shrubs that overhand walk ways or that block windows. Estimated cost: $540. Estimated return: $1,932.

Repair electricals and plumbing
Fix outlets and lights that don’t work. Consider having an electrician look over your main panel and fix wiring that does not work. I can promise you that a buyer will find this stuff and ask you to do it anyway. Get it done now and make your home not only ready, but fully functional. Fix dripping faucets and leaks under the sink. Be sure to scrub away any mold or mildew. Estimated cost: $535. Estimated return: $1505.

Replace or shampoo worn and dirty carpets
New carpet has a huge impact on a home. Everything else in the house can be out of date, but with new carpet the house feels fresh. In addition, soiled carpet is a big source of odors which are a big turn off. Stained carpet is also a problem. No one wants to buy someone else’s dirt. Estimated cost: $647. Estimated return: $1,739.

Even if you are not about to sell your home, consider doing these do-it-yourself fixes. You too will enjoy a home that is clean and well cared for.

Let me know if you have any questions or other ideas,