Greetings to all of our loyal Property Blotter readers this Thanksgiving Day!!!
In between taking care of my clients and getting the turkey into the oven & the side dishes prepared, I wanted to take a moment to let you into my life a little, and say how grateful I am for so many things.

First of all, I am grateful for those I love; family and friends who continually show up in my life in a way that amazes and humbles me.  I am grateful to my clients (usually friends or friends of friends who have been referred to me : ) for their confidence and faith in me as I help them through a very big transition in their lives.  Here are two of my listings that are in Lake Oswego… two homes you should check out belonging to two awesome people! Click Links: Devon Lane and Lamont Way.   And yes, I am grateful to you, our readers, who grace us with your time, support, encouragement, and sometimes your business!

I am so grateful for my home, my health, my community, my warm fireplace, the view out my windows, the food in my refrigerator.  I am thankful to those who “play” with me…  my music program at PCSL…  the Friends Gospel Chorus who sing so clear and bright with hearts so open, and the band who supports everyone so skillfully every week.  I am grateful for my networking buddies who show up every month for fun & SpeedNetworking, For my Wheels and Ears cohorts and their work, for my car with the little paper crowns sitting in the back window that my son made for me when in grade school (you might spot me around town now!  … the Queen of a little boy’s heart… who is now much older : ).  I am grateful for all those little things that make life do-able nowadays… my cellphone, my trusty computer, my fancy indoor/outdoor temperature sensor, my bread-maker (should come in handy today!), my hot/cold water dispenser (tea is so fast!), and of course my lockbox key!  On that note, I’d like to say how grateful I am to our Real Estate Firm and our Principal Broker, who is such a rock to all of us who make up this company, to all of our clients, and to anyone who knows her.  Additionally, I am so grateful for Dianne Gregoire, with whom I produce this real estate blog, who is not only one of my best buddies, but an amazing and powerful “thriver” in her business, health and personal life… I am so grateful to know her and to call her my friend.

OK….  too sappy?  It’s just once a year (though it could be much more often…  : )  Try it yourself….  start listing all those things for which you are grateful ~ especially the little things~  then get out there and enjoy this day!   I think a nap in front of the fireplace is in order later…  Have a very, very very…

Happy Thanksgiving!