Jan 2024 – Stats for Portland Area + LO

Here is your breakdown from the previous month/January for Portland and surrounding areas including LO broken out at the bottom. ***Be sure to check out the Neighborhood Report which categorizes down into smaller pieces.

Overview/Fluctuations ~ January 2024 Market Data: 

The big stories are that the Portland Metro area saw a jump in overall inventory, and New Listings shot up over last month by 89.2%.  Neither of these things is unusual as we move past the dividing line into the New Year, and/but there is a general feeling that this is just the beginning of a new trend. We’ll have to see what the numbers are for Feb once they’re available.  We also see downward motion on the overall sale price numbers from December… That is not necessarily unusual either because the end of the year is a notorious time for people to want to negotiate aggressively for various reasons.

Lake Oswego sale price average can vary widely from month to month affected greatly by the sale of one or several high dollar or low dollar properties that tend to skew the real meaning of following that particular stat in LO.

Rates: “Rates have stabilized in the low to mid 6% range. I don’t anticipate major movement in the next few weeks”         Gary Boyer, Regional VP, Directors Mortgage

According to the RMLS Market Action Report  for the Portland Metro Area January 2024:

  • There were 1,941 New Listings in January which is up 0.2% from 1,938 in Jan 2023 and a whopping 89.2% from the 1,026 in the previous month/December.
  • At 1,120 Jan 2024’s Closed Sales (Solds) are up 2.9% from Jan 2023’s 1,088, and down 15.8% from the previous month’s total of 1,330.
  • At 1,492 Jan 2023’s Pending Sales (Accepted Offers) are down 15.8% from Jan 2023’s 1,771, and up 14.0% from the previous month/December’s total of 1,309.
  • The Average Sale Price for Jan 2024 of, $564,600 is up$31,700. from last year/Jan 2023’s $532,900, and is down $22,200 from the p­­revious month/Dec’s $586,800. 
  • The “Median Sale Price (the price smack dab in the middle of all sales) in Jan 2024 of $505,000 is up $15,500 from Jan 2023’s $489,500, & down $20,000 from Dec’s $525,000


LAKE OSWEGO: (Month of Jan ’24)

167 Active Listings (Dec 171)
96 New Listings  (Dec 45)
69 Pending Sales (Dec 46)
44 Closed Sales  (Dec 60
Average Sale Price for Dec: $883,600 (Dec $1,095,500)
NOTE: Higher-Priced vs Lower-Priced Homes Sales can skew the “Average” in any given month.  Lake Oswego has quite a variety, so this tends to be a less meaningful stat, generally speaking, in this niche.
89 Days on the Market   (Dec 71)

The data listed above is as reported by the Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS)

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