Market Activity ~ May 30-June 5, 2022

Last week saw 18 properties enter the market, 18 move to Pending status and 18 Sold/Closed. There are currently 98 properties available in Lake Oswego ranging in price from from $192,000 to 7.25 mil.

Here is the breakdown according to RML data:

NEW May 30-June 5, 2022

AddressList PriceBedsBathsSFProp Type
47 EAGLE CREST DR #48C$260,00011696CONDO
17635 DEEMAR WAY$685,000421488DETACHD
980 LUND ST$725,000321833DETACHD
639 1ST ST$749,90022.11391ATTACHD
5499 ROYAL OAKS DR$786,000321817DETACHD
19057 OLSON AVE$899,00042.12464DETACHD
71 TOUCHSTONE$925,000432274DETACHD
2291 WEMBLEY PARK RD$999,50032.12150DETACHD
29 DEL PRADO ST$1,050,000423037DETACHD
2775 VALE CT$1,100,00042.12805DETACHD
5322 CARMAN GROVE LN$1,200,00032.12647DETACHD
927 OAK ST$1,330,00053.12864DETACHD
100 LEONARD ST #4-2$1,395,00032.13137CONDO
14472 PFEIFER DR$1,495,00042.13567DETACHD
725 OAK MEADOW CT$1,625,00042.23753DETACHD
1643 VILLAGE PARK LN$1,625,00043.14505DETACHD
908 BICKNER ST$1,995,00043.13483DETACHD
4694 UPPER DR$2,300,000333637DETACHD

PENDING May 30-June 5, 2022

AddressList PriceBedsBathsSFProp TypeDays
45 EAGLE CREST DR #513$205,00021.11056CONDO110
4 TOUCHSTONE #119$239,90032.11351CONDO32
47 EAGLE CREST DR #48-C$260,00011696CONDO6
1797 FERN PL$714,900321727DETACHD23
12038 SW ORCHARD HILL WAY$745,000322174DETACHD12
1571 WOODLAND TER$799,000422400DETACHD366
18892 ARROWWOOD AVE$850,000422229DETACHD4
659 LIVINGOOD LN$899,000422516DETACHD4
5550 BAY CREEK DR$915,00042.12449DETACHD6
71 TOUCHSTONE$925,000432274DETACHD2
3902 TAMARACK LN$1,050,00042.12553DETACHD4
5336 LOWER DR$1,095,00032.12549DETACHD18
4198 GLACIER LILY ST$1,100,000432806DETACHD5
4222 COBB WAY$1,225,000432243DETACHD20
927 OAK ST$1,330,00053.12864DETACHD2
520 C AVE$1,478,00033.13242ATTACHD9
2600 DELLWOOD DR$1,599,900433690DETACHD242
937 9TH ST$2,250,00053.13862DETACHD448

SOLD May 30-June 5, 2022

AddressOpeningClosedBedsBathsTotal SFProp TypeDays
86 KINGSGATE RD E103$370,000$370,00022924CONDO5
1531 BONNIEBRAE DR$489,900$484,90031.11303ATTACHD32
1674 FIRCREST DR$649,000$650,000421998DETACHD5
18963 SW LONGFELLOW AVE$649,000$668,00031.11232DETACHD6
5342 BONITA RD$700,000$690,00031.11392DETACHD21
164 KINGSGATE RD$689,000$710,000321781DETACHD5
18 NORTHVIEW CT$750,000$732,79833.12717ATTACHD9
13855 VERTE CT$799,900$740,00032.11835DETACHD22
1299 HIDE A WAY LN$849,900$834,584321893DETACHD10
3130 DUNCAN DR$899,000$905,00063.13007DETACHD2
5750 WASHINGTON CT$869,000$925,00032.12430DETACHD4
4686 WINTHROP CT$895,000$1,011,00042.12238DETACHD3
208 DURHAM ST$1,250,000$1,260,000422792DETACHD6
670 1ST ST$1,259,000$1,350,00032.12767CONDO2
17600 UPPER CHERRY LN$2,100,000$1,975,00043.13905DETACHD324
4235 LORDS LN$2,500,000$2,500,00043.13705DETACHD3
13078 FIELDING RD$3,150,000$2,700,000433596DETACHD161
548 RIDGEWAY RD$3,195,000$2,875,000533498DETACHD32
Criteria: Homes in the 97034 and 97035 zip code, listed, pending or sold between the dates listed above as reported by the Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS). DETACHD refers to Single Family Detached Residence, MFG refers to manufactured housing, and ATTACHD refers to single-family residences with some portion of the structure attached to another property, but not constituting CONDO ownership. DOM stands for days on market, or the number of days from when the listing became active and when it received an acceptable offer, with CDOM standing for “cumulative days on market” accounting for “refreshed” listings (***We’ve used “Days” in each category for ease of understanding) .