News & Notes ~ August Numbers 2021

Here is the latest look at the overall Portland area and how Lake Oswego fits into that picture. Don’t miss the Portland Neighborhood Report (below) with values, time on market and appreciation rates broken out for our Property Blotter readers.

Overview/Fluctuations ~  Market Data Aug 2021:                                                                                            August is never a robust month in Portland, but things are moving right along. With the exception of some slight shuffling, we saw a pretty “no-drama” month in terms of pricing stability and sales compared to July. Market time remains only slightly different than July, at 23 days compared to July’s 20 days overall. New Listings dropped off for a bit as we’d expect, and Inventory rose slightly to a whopping 1-month’s supply (just a tad under last August).

Rates are hanging right at 3.0% as of today, but there is pressure on rates to move higher.

According to the RMLS Market Action Report  for the Portland Metro Area, Aug 2021:

  • There were 3,698 New Listings in Aug 2021 dropping 4.8% from Aug 2020’s 3,885 and 13.3% from the previous month/July’s 4,267.
  • At 3,219, Aug 2021’s Closed Sales are up 2.2% from Aug 2020’s 3,149, and fell 6.4% from the previous month/July’s total of 3,439.
  • At 3,535, Aug 2021’s Pending Sales decreased 4.4% from Aug 2020’s 3,697, and are also up 5.4% from the previous month/July’s total of 3,354.
  • The Average Sale Price in Aug 2021 of $583,600 is up $72,600 from last year/Aug 2020’s $511,000, and down $9,500. from the previous month/July’s $593,100.   
  • The “Median” Sale Price (the price smack dab in the middle of all sales) in Aug 2021 of $525,000 rose $76,000 from last year/Aug 2020’s $449,000, and also increased $3,000 from the previous month/July’s $522,000.


  • 161 Active Listings (July 165)
  • 168 New Listings    (July 214)
  • 163 Pending Sales (July 177)
  • 171 Closed Sales    (July 184)
  • Average Sale Price for July: $878,000 (July $1,020,600)
    • NOTE: Higher-Priced vs Lower-Priced Homes Sales can skew the “Average” in any given month.  Lake Oswego has quite a variety, so this tends to be a less meaningful stat, generally speaking, in this niche.
  •  23 Average Days on the Market   (July 19)