Why do people move to Lake Oswego? Schools is probably number one. It’s why I moved here. Great restaurants, parks, shopping, those are good reasons as well. But there is another big factor. I don’t think it gets discussed much, but that big factor is that this town just feels really, really safe.

Because property values are relatively high, the property taxes that support the community do a great job of funding our schools, but they also do a great job of funding our police department.

I have had two experiences with the Lake Oswego police in the 23 years that I have lived here. The first happened within months of moving into our home. My husband left his truck unlocked with his briefcase inside. Someone stole his check book out of his brief case. We called the police and a patrol car arrived within about 20 minutes. They took a full report and then took the time to give us advice on how to stop miss use of that check book. I think in most towns such a small incident would have led to being asked to fill out some sort of a form and file it as opposed to having a patrol car show up and personally assist us.

The second incidence happend not to long ago and is what prompted me to write this post. Last August I was in a vehicle accident on Boones Ferry Road. Thankfully, no one was hurt and it all was worked out to everyone’s satisfaction. However, my little dog got tossed off the passenger seat of my car and had a slightly bloody eye. The officers who responded to the accident were just so kind. They literally told me, we’ve got this taken care of here, please take your dog to the vet. Truly, they were so kind. My little dog ended up being fine, with no serious injury.

Here’s a tip for driving through Lake Oswego, don’t speed. There are patrol cars every hour of every day. Just don’t speed.

Here’s another tip: there is a 11:00pm curfew for teenagers under the age of 18. Kids are simply not allowed on the streets unaccopanied by adults after 11:00pm. I raised good kids, but I also liked them knowing that they could not hang out with friends late at night on the streets. They had to be at home, and they were.

I’m sure that others may have stories about the LO PD that have a different take on how they operate. But I can honestly say that I have had nothing but positive experiences with the local police department. I just feel safe here and I feel like my family is safe here. Thank you LO PD, I appreciate all that you do.