Wishes of Peace

Dianne and I wish you and yours the happiest holiday ever!  Enjoy those things you treasure most, indulge in your fondest memories and go ahead… have that food that you usually do not. We wish for you that deep feeling of contentment that comes from the memories or the people or the combination of it all…  depending on your circumstances. Most of all we wish you a heart filled with a cherished, peaceful feeling. Maybe one from childhood where you could hear the big people still talking in the other room and knew you could fall asleep with all things well in the world. Whichever holiday you celebrate, we want you to know we truly appreciate you and will be thinking of you till we return from a little break. We’ll be back here with all the news and content we love to bring you about Lake Oswego after the New Year begins!

See you soon. May Peace reign in your life this holiday season~

Linda & Dianne