2019 Street of Dreams

Last week I enjoyed Realtor day at the Street of Dreams. This years show is in Wilsonville, a really nice location that easily supports these home values. I always like to look for trends. Last year my big take away was textured walls and tile. This year several things stood out for me as well.

*Sliding barn-style doors are still really popular. One house has a set of two that come together to form the corner of the room. Very cool

*Chrome and nickel finishes were nowhere to be seen. It was all either matted black or brushed brass

*Lots of wall paper that looked like it was straight out of my parents house from the 1970s.

*Amazing light fixtures! Some from repurposed items like bottles and pulleys, but also really cool geometric shapes

*One house had old-fashioned painted brick. What’s old is new again.

*Sinks continue to be very inspiring with several homes that had one huge sink that served two faucets.

Hands down my favorite house was “Farm to Table” built by Renaissance Homes. The kitchen had a secondary kitchen designed to serve the back patio (this in addition to the kitchen on the back patio), a pantry, an amazing utility room with an island and massive amounts of storage, and, topping it off, a she-shed in the back yard! This house is just the sort of layout that a family that loves to cook and to entertain dreams of.

The show runs through August. Prices range from about 1.2 to 1.9 million.