Packing Tips for Moving

We focus so much on the process of buying and selling a house that we can get side tracked from the nuts and bolts of the move itself. I thought I’d take a moment today to reflect on what it involves and give you a few tips to make the move easier.

A recent article in The Oregonian had some great ideas that I am sharing with you here.

Use the time during your home inspection to measure rooms and storage areas. That sounds so basic, but I rarely see people do this. I carry tape measures in my car. If you forget yours you can use mine!

Knowing the size of the rooms will allow you to determine what furniture will fit where. My Mom, a retired Realtor, would go so far as to use French ruled paper (the kind with both horizontal and vertical lines that create little squares) to actually cut out and lay out each room. You don’t need to go this far, but measuring will allow you to organize in advance.

Pack the boxes based on where items will end up, not based on the rooms that they are currently in. Again, just some simple advance planning.

Keep small parts together in a plastic, sealed bag. Then tape the bag to the item that they are a part of. Trying to find a missing screw or clamp is a night mare when you are dealing with dozens of boxes.

Buy the right tools. Boxes are sold a many storage facilities. You can also do a quick google search and find local companies that sell used boxes. Think about your fragile items. Be sure to also purchase bubble wrap and items made specifically for protecting glass ware and dishes. There is also a product I just learned about, Duck brand “Mover’s Edge”. It’s packing tape that as it dispenses the edges of the tape are just slightly folded under. This allows the tape to be easily gripped and torn back to open the boxes without a cutter. Such a good idea!

Avoid spills. If it could spill, put it into a plastic bag.

Use plastic storage bins for items that won’t be unpacked. This way you can simply put holiday decorations and that sort of thing away in the new storage space.

The last time I moved I thought I could do the packing in just a couple of days. Boy, was I wrong! The last day before the actual move I was literally just throwing stuff into boxes. I had no time to sort and organize. I will never do that again. Live and learn, right?

I hope you find these tips useful, and, as always, thanks for reading the blotter.