…How Safe IS it in Lake Oswego?

Photo from Lake Oswego Review

Lots of people in Lake Oswego don’t lock their doors, or worry too much about locking their cars when, say, visiting a friend or shopping, or stopping for a latte (don’t tell anyone).  Its a little-known fact nowadays (since they changed the name of it to Police Log) that we named the Property Blotter 11 years ago after the Lake Oswego Review’s “Police Blotter”.  They’ve long published the unvarnished goings on as reported by the police. Now, there is some real stuff here & there, but by & large and it is hilarious to read for its lack of any real substance …Kids having a late night party while mom & dad were out on a date night, window washers reported for breaking into a house, regular folks reported for loitering while just waiting for their friend to show up for a meeting at their home,  dogs stealing chew toys…you get the picture. Its one of the reasons people move here.

Now its official. Lake Oswego was just named: Safest City in Oregon.

Here’s the scoop as just published in the Lake Oswego Review: CLICK HERE FOR STORY