Lake Oswego Parks and Rec

As a resident of Lake Oswego I get a paper copy of the Lake Oswego Parks and Rec programs mailed to me 3 times a year: Spring/Winter, Summer, and Fall. There is a abundance of offerings! Seriously, there is something for everyone. Classes for kids include Fairy-tale Ballet and Little-tykes Soccer, adults offerings include fitness classes, gardening classes, art classes, it’s a buffet of the finest!

I am particularly drawn to the hikes and walks that are offered weekly. They range from easy strolls to challenging mountain hikes.

I am thinking about the wonder of the Parks and Rec department because I am currently participating in two different programs: Quilling and Beginning Tap Dance for Adults.

I honestly didn’t even know what quilling was when I signed up for it. I enjoy art and I knew it has something to do with paper. I’ve been a watercolor painter for my entire adult life and lately I’ve been thinking it would be fun to combine water color and paper, and maybe ink, to create some mixed media pieces. So I signed up for the quilling class that was held two weeks ago. The cost for the class was $27 and all supplies were provided. It was a 3 hour class. The time flew by! Quilling is pretty specific. It requires exact tools and the paper is made for the purpose. If I had decided to check it out on my own I suspect that I would have spent a good deal more money. Including the instructor there were five of us. It was a lovely few hours of listening to some music and have conversation with the others who attended. The time and the money was well spent.

The other class, beginning tap for adults, is something that I have had on my bucket list for years. There is just something about tap dance that appeals to me. When I attend movies or live shows that have tap my feet start moving. I can not stop them! My daughter knew about my interest in tap and she bought us both tap shoes. I spent some time on the phone trying to find professional lessons. The classes being offered professionally were expensive! Then it occurred to me that perhaps LO Parks and Rec offered them. Low and behold they did. Six classes for $57. Not expensive and not a huge time commitment so that I can put my toes in the water without having to jump in the pool.

I just really love the opportunities that are available here in LO. If you’d like to know more about the Lake Oswego Parks and Rec department click here.

Happy tapping,