All About Shopping in and Near LO

One of the things that Linda and I try to do with this blog is give helpful information about Lake Oswego. It occurred to me that one of the kinda significant things that may be important as you consider where to live, is how easy or difficult it is to shop in the area. So here is my run down of what it is like when you live in Lake Oswego.

I am going to divide the lake into two sides, the East side that is along the Willamette River and the West side that is near I-5.

On the East side there are two large grocery stores. Safeway on A Avenue and Whole Foods Market 365. For shopping for clothing and household goods there is Millenium Plaza which contains numerous boutiques and restaurants. The Lake Theater is on the East side for first-run movies and the Farmer’s Market is on the East side at Millinium Plaza Park on Saturdays May to October. If you need to make a larger purchase, say for a ladder or new furniture, you are going to drive to the West side of LO and the outskirts of town in the communities of Tigard and Tualatin.

There is significantly more shopping on the West side. There are 4 grocery stores, Safeway, Zupans, New Seasons and Trader Joes. Just outside of the city limits in the communities of Tigard and Tualatin are Costce, Winco, Office Depot, Home Depot and Bridgeport Village. Bridgeport Village was recently named by the Oregonian as Oregon’s best shopping center. It’s what’s called a “lifestyle mall”. The idea is that you park your car and then stroll through a village of shops and restaurants. Most of the stores are National chains such as Tommy Bahama, Sephora, and Soft Surroundings.

Prior to living in Lake Oswego I lived in the Sellwood area of Southeast Portland. Shopping was not easy from that location. It required about a 15 minute drive to get to a decent size grocery store. After living with inconvenience, I just really appreciate how easy it is from Lake Oswego.

I hope you found this helpful. As always, thanks for reading!