Fireworks Spectaculars!

Lake Oswego, for the first time, will have two full-on fireworks displays.

Traditionally the Lake Corporation has hosted the big event. It’s done from a barge in the middle of the lake and it’s pretty special. There’s a guy with a trumpet who plays the National Anthem right before it begins and the sound of that music drifting over the water gives me goose bumps every year. It’s a great show that begins at around 10pm and lasts a good 20-30 minutes.

There has been concern in the past that even though this is a great event, viewing it isn’t so easy if you don’t live on the lake or have an easement on the lake. Because of this the City of Lake Oswego has stepped up and they too are hosting a fireworks display. This display will be set off from the beach at George Roger’s Park. The intent is that viewing will be easy from the park’s upper ball field and also from Millennium Plaza Park. This event is projected to last about 20 minutes.

I’m thinking I want to find a spot between the two and have fireworks in stereo!

Which ever show you choose to go to, enjoy!