Loan Opportunity

nfculogoI recently became aware of a loan program that caught my attention enough that I want to get the word out.


Navy Federal Credit Union is offering 100% financing to it’s members.  This is a remarkable loan product with no Purchaser’s Mortgage Insurance.   It is available to anyone who is a member of Navy Federal.


Who is eligible to join Navy Federal?  Members and veterans of our armed forces: Navy, Army, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard, but also those who work in the Department of Defense.  In addition, family members of these veterans can join:  grandparents, grandkids, siblings, spouses,  and children.


This means that you don’t have to be a veteran yourself.  If your Mom or grandfather is a veteran, they can join Navy Federal and then you can too.


I come from a family with lots of veterans, but also lots who are not.  When I found out about this program, it really made my day.  You see, my son is a Marine Veteran.  He will be able to use his VA benefit to buy his first home with 100% financing, but my daughter is not a veteran.  I had assumed she would have to save her down payment and closing costs, which means home ownership is still a few years away.  Now I know otherwise.  As a Marine veteran, when her brother joins Navy Federal, she can too.  And then she can obtain 100% financing and become a home owner much, much sooner.


So you can see how I want to get the message out that this program is available.  Our veterans deserve our admiration and support for their service.  I also know from personal experience that the family of our men and women in the armed forces also serve.  We worry, we support, we comfort, and now we can garner some benefits as well.


Please visit the Navy Federal Credit Union website to learn more by clicking here.  You can also call them directly at 1-800-842-6328.


And when you are ready to go find that house with your Navy Federal loan, please give Linda or myself a call, we are here to help.