Lake Easements


When buying a home in Lake Oswego, you’ll often see mention of easements as a feature of the property. Just what is an easement? Don’t all of the houses in Lake Oswego have easements?

The history of the lake easements go back many years. There was a time, in the early development of neighborhoods in Lake Oswego, when vacant lots were available for purchase on the lake. Developers of neighborhoods would buy a lot and deed it to the entire neighborhood. These “easements” are part of the recorded deeds for these homes and primarily consist of homes built between 1920 and 1970. By the time that the newer neighborhoods were being developed, houses from about 1970 and newer, there were no longer vacant lots on the lake and so easements were no longer being created. So, no, not all houses in Lake Oswego have easements. Having an easement is a special feature of the home that does enhance its desirability to buyers.

What I am discussing here are lake easements, and not the swim parks. Lake Oswego has two swim parks. One on Lakeview Blvd that is operated by the school district, and one on Ridgeway that is operated by Lake Oswego Parks and Recreation.

The lake easements have a variety of amenities. Most have a lawn area with tables for picnics. Some have boat slips and canoe racks. One has a huge enclosure in the middle of which is water trampoline. There is a good deal of variety.

There is usually a waiting list for a boat slip. Space on canoe racks is usually available at the start of the summer season.

Some homes have deeded easements privileges at more than one easement. If you are considering buying a house that has an easement, visit all of them that you may have access to and find the one you like best.

Each easement is managed by its own by laws and a volunteer board of directors. There is a designated person on the board who manages the access. If you have easement rights, contact the appropriate person on the board, pay the annual fee, and obtain a key to the entry of the easement.

If you would like to find out of a particular property has easement privileges, call the Lake Corporation at 503-636-1422.

For specific information about the easements and who to contact to activate use of an easement click here.

It may still be February, but sun and enjoyment of the lake is just around the corner.