What’s in a Name?

If you’ve been reading the blotter for awhile, you know that we got the name of our blog by borrowing the Police Blotter from the Lake Oswego Review. The local newspaper does a weekly publication that along with showcasing local schools, businesses, and people, it posts the previous week’s police activity.

The Lake Oswego Police Department has a 100% response policy. That means that when you call, they show up, no matter what. So reading the police blotter can be rather entertaining. Below is from the previous two weeks.

7/23/12 1:15am. Apples are being chucked at a house on Aspen Street.

7/24/12 9:59am. A woman reported finding all kinds of things on her property on North Shore Road, including bicycles, helmets, and a surf board.

7/24/12 1:03pm. Four citations were slapped on a vehicle illegally parked at Lake View Village.

7/24/12 10:51pm. Several teens are jumping in and out of hedges and running around yards in a late-night frolic on Royce Way. Later they were honking horns and chasing each other in cars.

7/25/12 9:04am. Somebody placed a small beagle n a yard on Sierra Ct, then blocked a hole under the fence with wood so the pooch could not get out.

7/26/12 10:42pm. Hearty voices raised in song were heard coming from a pub on B Avenue.

7/26/12 11:43pm. A driver passed out in the middle State Street. He was not drunk but exhausted from his airline flight.

7/28/12 1:16pm. Condolea Drive was the site of a strange incident in which a pot was moved, two large plants were damaged and underwear was thrown into trees.

7/30/12 10:51am. A cat in a pot was discovered in a complex on Foothills Drive.

7/31/12 9:54am. A woman has decided to keep a pair of old handcuffs that she originally wanted to turn in to police.

8/1/12 9:34am. After buying a house, a person looked inside the garage and found 22 lights, causing suspicions that marijuana may be being cultivated inside the house.

8/1/12 8:48am. A female is dancing on the sidewalk, crossing the street and waving at people on B Avenue. It is suspected she may be high on more than life.

8/2/12 2:39pm. A missing St. Bernard named Myia was returned to its owner.

8/2/12 9:16pm. Five teenaged boys, four of them 16, had to clean up the mess from the garbage can they knocked over at Uplands Elementary School.

8/3/12 6:20pm. A cat triggered a burglar alarm on Brianne Court.

8/5/12 10:08am. A toilet in a woman’s bathroom on Melrose Street won’t stop flushing.

There you have it, two weeks on the mean streets of Lake Oswego. And, yes, I know the Police Blotter is now called the Police Log. Not sure why the Lake Oswego Review made the change, but it will always be the Blotter to me. And the propertyblotter will be the propertyblotter as well.

Stay cool in this heat. In LO it only lasts a few days.