Seeing the Light

Lighting your house correctly is probably one of the most fundamental things you need to  do when selling your home.  People associate light with happiness and cleanliness.   From the National Association of Realtors, here are some basic lighting tips:

Use clear lightbulbs.  The clear bulbs, rather than the opaque, have a cleaner look.

Make sure the lightbulbs are not old.  The last thing you want are bulbs burning out during a showing.  You do not want that beautifully staged room to be left in the dark.

Reconsider energy-efficient bulbs.  Yes, I know, it’s not ecologically such a great idea, but the compact fluorescent bulbs can give off a harsh light.  Many also start out faint and get brighter as they warm up.  A buyer is not likely to stay in a room long enough for the full benefit of the light to come on.

Consider halogen lights.  Particularly in over-head flood lights.  They are more energy efficient than incandescent flood lightbulbs and do a great job of brightening a space.  Of course, please consult the light fixture for correct wattage and the type of rating for the fixture.

Clean the light fixtures.  Dust the entire fixture, including the lamp shade.  Make sure there are no dead flies in the fixture and remove cob webs from chandeliers.  Consider removing the glass from the fixture and running it through the dishwasher (without wiring or electronic components, of course).

Brighten exterior windows. Take advantage of natural light by opening the curtains and window blinds.  If it is a beautiful view to a mountain, the city, or your garden, consider removing the screens and storing them elsewhere.

Replace dated light fixtures.  You get a lot of bang for the buck with light fixtures.  Even a really grand fixture can be replaced for under $200 at most home improvement stores.  Particularly if you have still got lots of brass fixtures, you are well advised to update your lighting.  Particularly in the main rooms of the house:  the entry, living room, family room, dining room, and the kitchen.  Do it.

Add light.  Don’t simply rely on overhead lighting.  Consider adding lamps to side tables, shelves, even counters.  In a dark kitchen, consider buying some battery operated lights that can be stuck to the underside of upper cabinets.

Add a mirror.  Mirrors reflect light, but also make rooms feel larger.

With the exception of removing energy efficient bulbs, these ideas would benefit you even if your house is not for sale.  I don’t know many people who don’t enjoy being surrounded by nice lighting.

Questions?  Don’t hesitate to ask.  Linda and I are happy to help you with any of your real estate concerns.