Terra the Wonder Dog

Terra, the wonder dog
Meet Terra, the wonder dog. Terra works for EcoTech. She is a specially trained dog to search and find in-ground oil tanks. She is the only dog with this training in Oregon.

I have come to really like working with EcoTech. They are a wonderful company and perform many services. I use them for radon testing and finding and decommissioning of oil tanks.

Just because a house currently does not have oil heat does not mean that it never has. If a house was built before about 1965, you need to think that it may have had oil heat in the past. After all, oil was the least expensive, and therefor the most popular, heat source for the majority of homes prior to about the mid 1960’s. Just as gas heat is today.

So if it is an older home you are buying, you really do need to do a tank search.

Most tank searches use metal detectors. EcoTech still does this. In fact they use 2 different types of detectors. But then they also use Terra. The cost is competitive ($85 at my last tank search a week ago), and you get all 3 searches on the same house.

It’s just really fun to have Terra to watch. So I give my kudos to Terra and to EcoTech for making what would otherwise be a rather mundane task into something fun and interesting.