What’s in a Name?

When Linda and I were figuring out what to name this blog we did quite a bit of brain storming. We considered things like “Around the Lake” and “Lake Oswego Real Estate Blog”. They just seemed so generic. Linda was the one with the creative touch. She suggested naming our blog after the ever popular police blotter in the Lake Oswego Review.

Why? Well, if you know LO, you know that it is known for it’s low crime rate and that the police department has a 100% response policy. You will not get a form mailed to you to report a stolen wallet, you’ll get an officer in a patrol car: 100% of the time. And this means that when the police departments weekly reports are published in the LO Review, you read some pretty funny stuff.

Here is a sampling of recently published police reports from the Police Blotter in the Lake Oswego Review:

6/3/11 7:26 pm. A yellow lab wearing an Oregon Ducks collar and tag was easy to identify and was reunited with its owner.

6/4/11 9:04pm. A man thought to be bleeding had actually spilled ravioli all over himself.

6/6/11 2:58pm. A mama duck and her little duckies kept waddling into Highway 43. An officer shooed them into some bushes.

6/28/11 7:34am. In a case of run-by catsup throwing, an unknown suspect threw a catsup mixture on a car on Brookhurst Drive. Clues include catsup packages, a bottle, and a comb.

6/29/11 10:17am. A man drove down Bryant in a golf cart, accompanied by kids he just picked up from Westridge School.

7/3/11 1:10pm. A young child was interrupted in its rough treatment of some kittens, then was lectured by the father.

7/3/11 5:03pm. A swarm of bees got inside the church at Our Lady of the Lake.

7/5/11 6:12pm. A mysterious female beagle wearing a red collar was brought back to its owner by an alert neighbor. The beagle’s return was greeted with mixed feelings.

7/5/11 10:37pm. Four teenaged juveniles were getting out of a vehicle on Kilchurn Avenue and slamming their bodies against houses. Kicks just keep getting harder to find.

7/10/11 8:53pm. People were worried about their friend not answering her calls until she revealed she had dropped her phone into a pool.

Yep, that’s the sort of stuff the the police in Lake Oswego respond to. The blotter in the review is widely red and chuckled about. Linda and I feel it is truly unique to Lake Oswego and that those who live here would immediately recognize the reference in the name of our blog.

We’ve been writing this blog for a couple of years now. It brings us both a lot of satisfaction. Thank you for reading and following the real estate scene here in Lake Oswego with Linda and myself.

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  1. Actually, the Property Blotter has been around for 3 years, 6 months and 530 posts. Congrats!

    And I actually subscribe to the Lake Oswego Review’s RSS feed just to read the police blotter.

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