A Sight Rarely Seen

The water level draw down of the lake is nearly complete and the sight is really something interesting.  This draw down has happened to allow access to the bottom of the lake for installing the new city sewer line.  The lake should be refilled by the time school lets out next June:  in plenty of time for summer fun.  In the mean time, it is just really something to see.

View of the main lake from the Forrest Hills Easement

Lakewood Bay on the East end of the lake

The Cabanas

Looking West from the Northshore Bridge at Lakewood Bay

The Villas

Equipment staging area by the water overflow/main dam

Water is still being pumped out of the lake

Canoes and floating docks sitting on the bottom

Blue Heron Canal

Check out the boat, suspended in its slip

Kelok Bay

The West end of the main lake

West Bay

The main lake at Springbrook Creek

A word of caution:  don’t be tempted to go out and walk on the lake.  The soil is pretty much loose silt.  One person has already had to be rescued:  a construction worker who sank up to his arms.  Take care also with your pets.