Local Lake Oswego Updates

Pedestrian Safety – The City of Lake Oswego is letting all know ahead of time of it’s efforts at upholding pedestrian safety.  To this end, the police department is holding a “Pedestrian Safety Operation” on April 19th, from 10:00AM to 2:00PM at the intersection of B Avenue and 2nd Street.  In times past this has involved posting pedestrians at the sidewalk and gauging cars’ responses as they step off the curb into the crosswalk…. usually with citations accompanying undesirable reactions on the part of drivers.  Be forewarned… stay safe… and keep our pedestrians safe!

Overly-Industrious Flicker – There has been a Flicker noticed at Lake Oswego City Hall…. mainly for the noise it produces as it does what Flickers do… and for the damage it is apparently doing to the building.  The city is trying to distract the Flicker from it’s work & encourage it to go elsewhere… (it can come to my house… but it will need to take a vacation!) with brightly colored & decorated balloons.  So, if you see these at city hall (perhaps you are visiting to pay a pedestrian-safety-ticket or some other such thing : )  Don’t be alarmed, and don’t worry that there is a celebration you are missing… it is just the city’s attempt to shush a Flicker to another location. (Yes, I drew this… and no, I have no shame :  )

The City of Lake Oswego’s “Attitude Survey” – Every two years the City of Lake Oswego conducts an attitude survey, and this year phones in Lake Oswego have already started ringing as Campbell Delong Resources calls to inquire as to how citizens are feeling about a variety of things affecting life here. Calls are expected to continue until April 19th.  Here is a link to the last survey in 2008:   Attitude Survey

Lake Oswego Trees –  As most know, Lake Oswego takes its trees rather seriously.  This is great for us at this time of year as we usually have some interesting offerings in terms of classes or events in that regard.  This year we have several workshops to choose from:

* Tree Pruning with Damon Schrosk, a certified arborist of “Treecology” – May 9th, 9:00Am to 12:00PM at the City Hall Council Chambers, 380 A Avenue.

* Gardening with Natives – Stephanie Wagner of Friends of Tryon Creek offers this workshop on native species gardening May 16, 1:00PM to 4:00PM, Tryon Creek Nature Center, 1131 SW Terwilliger Blvd.

* Tree Code Decoded – This one is a must for any Lake Oswego citizen wanting to do something with their trees other than look at them and admire their beauty.  Bill Youngblood, Code Enforcement Officer, and Andy Gulizia, Associate Planner for the city of Lake Oswego will guide you in what’s allowed, what’s not allowed, and proper steps if you want to pursue making any changes on your property with regard to trees. June 5th, 9:00AM to 12:00PM City Hall Council Chambers, 380 “A” Avenue.

* Centennial – Lake Oswego is offering Part 3 of the Oswego Centennial Video. This is great stuff if you are interested in the history of Lake Oswego… and who wouldn’t be!  If you are not familiar with it, our roots are worth investigating.  Part 3 evidently explores the time during which Lake Oswego began to blossom into its recreational destiny with water sports (skiing, boating & swimming)  being a big draw from Portland, and local athletes becoming nationally-known swim stars. This video covers the 40’s through the 60’s.  You can learn more and view the retrospective video at:  LO Centennial