Lake Oswego Open Houses for July 19th

goldendiningroom2While today I am posting our regular list of the Lake Oswego Open Houses as advertised in the RMLS, I want to take a moment to discuss open houses in general.  Open houses are probably one area in which Realtors really differ on their opinions.  I have known agents who absolutely refuse to do them.  One man in particular had a sign he took to listing appointments that had the words “Open House” with a big red circle and a diagonal line across the words.  He was making it very clear that there was no way he would ever do an open house.   I happen to have the exact opposite opinion.  I happen to think that they work.  Sure, you get the neighbors and the “Lookie Lou’s”, but you also get lots of great exposure to a property that needs to be sold.  I think the key is to advertise the open house so that a good percentage of the people who show up are real buyers who know the price and size of the property before they get there.  I hold homes open pretty much every Sunday.  I believe that on average I sell at least one listing a year off of my open houses.  In fact, I sold a house in Lake Oswego about 3 weeks ago as a result of my open house.  So I think that open houses do have value.

With that in mind, here are the homes that you will find open this Sunday in Lake Oswego.  Please make special note of 4447 Golden Lane, my listing, which I will be holding open from 2 to 5pm.

89 Galen St, $102,500.  1 BR, 1 BTH, 550 square feet, open noon-4

1597 Bonniebrae Dr, $230,000.  2 BR, 1 BTH, 998 square feet, open 1-3

4447 Golden Ln, $239,000.  2 BR, 2.5 BTHS, 1980 square feet, open 2-5

4 Weatherstone, $334,950. 3 BR, 2.5 BTHS, 1692 square feet, open 1-3

13448 61st, $335,000. 3 BR, 3 BTHS, 1911 square feet, open 1-4

17088 Rebecca Ln, $479,000. 4 BR, 3 BTHS, 2554 square feet, open 1:30-3:30

624 Livingood Ln, $534,000. 4 BR, 3 BTHS, 2596 square feet, open 1:30-3:30

11 Morningview Cir, $547,000. 3 BR, 2.5 BTHS, 2921 square feet, open 1-3

535 B Ave, $649,000. 2 BR, 2.5 BTHS, 1691 square feet, open 2-4

580 Weidman Ct, $659,000. 5 BR, 3.5 BTHS, 3952 square feet, open 2-4

220 Greenwood Rd, $749,900. 3 BR, 4 BTHS, 2639 square feet, open 1-3

3270 Lakeview Blvd. $1,275,000. 3 BR, 3 BTHS, 3295 square feet, open 3-5

624 Atwater Rd, $1,338,000. 5 BR, 3.5 BTHS, 4465 square feet, open 12:30-2:30

17642 Upper Cherry Ln, $1,375,000. 3 BR, 3.5 BTHS, 3936 square feet, open 3-5

2811 Arrowhead Ct, $1,399,000. 4 BR, 3.5 BTHS, 3740 square feet, open noon-2

18024 Skyland Cir, $1,699,000. 4 BR, 3 full+2 half BTHS, 4131 sq. feet. open 2-5

I’ll hope to see you on Sunday!