Celebrating Trees in Lake Oswego

asterIt was a year or so ago, I think, that I wrote a piece on Lake Oswego and its love affair with trees.  I included all manner of information on laws in Lake Oswego limiting tree removal etc.  This love of trees is a large part of what makes Lake Oswego so beautiful, and so, like the rain, we take the good with the bad and appreciate the end results of being showered with tree legislation.

Did you know that Oregon is the only state to reserve the entire first week of April as Arbor Week?

Here are some events this week and next giving all of us tree-hugging Lake Oswegans (and others who would like to join in) opportunities to celebrate… what else… trees!

plum2Stewardship Event

Saturday, April 4th  –  10:00AM – 1:00PM

Location: George Rogers Park

This is an opportunity to learn more about Lake Oswego’s natural restoration efforts as well as participate in them! You’ll learn proper techniques, and tools & snacks are provided. Plant over 500 native plants while removing invasive species, making way for future plantings and for natives to re-establish themselves. 

Heritage Tree Ceremony

Monday, April 6th – 3:00PM

Location: Lang Farm, 195 South Rosemont Road

Celebrate the city’s newest Heritage Trees.  There will be a ceremony featuring a giant sequoia and a ponderosa pine that have been standing tall over the rolling & changing landscape for many decades. If these trees could only talk!

plumArbor Art Show Opening

Thursday, April 9th – 6:30 – 8:30PM

Location: Lake Oswego Public Library

Enjoy local the work of talented local artists displaying their tree-themed art!

Great Oregon Tree Plant and “Tree City USA” Ceremony

Friday, April 10th – 4:00PM

Location: Stevens Meadows

Witness the planting of a ceremonial Oregon white oak, brought to you by the City of Lake Oswego and the Lake Grove Garden Club as part of the larger statewide effort aiming to inspire 150 tree-planting events in celebration of Oregon’s 150th birthday.  There will be a presentation of Lake Oswego’s Tree City USA award from the Oregon Department of Forestry.

For more information, you may call Lori Summers, Urban and Community Forestry Coordinator, at 503 675 2543.

2 Replies to “Celebrating Trees in Lake Oswego”

  1. The slow tree removal permit process seems a bit tedious sometime in Lake Oswego, but one good part about permits is that those slow the process down. That alone spares many more good trees by eliminating haste.

    The trees definitely give Lake Oswego character.

    My favorite trees for longevity and aesthetics in the Portland suburban landscape include:

    Black tupelo
    Chitalpa (not Catalpa)
    Vine maple
    Western hemlock
    Mountain hemlock
    Purple beech
    River birch
    Blue atlas cedar
    Giant sequoia
    Katsura tree

  2. Thank you so much for your post! Yes, Lake Oswego definitely stands out in large part because of the character the trees add, and though the tree removal process may be annoying sometimes, it does serve a larger purpose.

    Your ideas on trees ideal for the Portland area are very much appreciated. FOr Property BLotter readers who wish to talk to you about landscaping, I am including your website link here: http://www.mdvaden.com/

    Thanks again for the tips, and thanks for readinng the Property Blotter!

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