Local Flavor + Holiday Wishes For You!

Wow! A newscaster said yesterday that we are experiencing the biggest snow event since 1964!  For those of you who tune in to the Blotter from out of state, I am attaching a few photos so that you can see what we are talking about. Dianne has posted some for your amusement as well. We usually focus on real estate pretty much exclusively in our Blog, but with this kind of excitement, we can’t resist giving you a little local flavor.

Real estate is happening in Lake Oswego however, as you can see from Monday’s Activity Report.  I experienced an inspection last week in a foot of snow… before it REALLY got going : )  But that is another story. For now… here’s what life in Lake Oswego has been like-

Main roads are kept pretty passable with mostly packed snow, and are sanded regularly (Oregon does not use salt), but side streets, especially hilly ones, are let’s say…  invigorating! Kids who have been out of school an extra week this Winter Break are sledding everywhere. Lots of folks have bagged their aspirations of mobility as evidenced by the feet of snow burying their cars on the sides of many roads.  Others who are able and so inclined have headed for Mt. Hood where skiing is incredible, and road crews are always ahead of the curve. Trees laden with snow and ice have released some of their burden in the form of limbs in yards and on roadsides. But hey… it’s pretty!

Christmas has taken on a completely different tone this year.  Instead of filling the malls, people gather in kitchens around batches of cookies. Fireplaces are the center of many homes where friends, family and a variety of hot beverages and toddies complete the picture.  The uptick in Internet shopping in the area has kept UPS busy all over! This year is definitely one we will never forget.

Dianne and I would like to take a moment to wish you the very best of the Holiday Season. Whether your beliefs are Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist,+++ or you simply harbor a fondness for Santa, this is a season of hope and love which we all can share. We also want to say thank you to our clients who’ve trusted us with their real estate needs this past year. We are grateful for your business, your loyalty, and your faith in us. We look forward to the New Year ahead, and want to wish you and yours every happiness. Thank you for reading the PropertyBlotter!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays.