What… Dispose of These Beautiful Leaves?

I crunch my way to the mailbox to pick up the daily paper thrown there in the walkway, and look up half asleep at the clear blue sky feathered with white brush strokes.

Another gorgeous day in Lake Oswego.

I turn around and head back in to my coffee, passing my tomatoes in their pots on the kitchen patio, inspecting them to see which green ones have started to turn so that I can bring them in to finish on my counter (I like to watch them ripen there). As I start to close the door I decide to leave it open to look out at the beautiful array of colors… red, yellow, green, and all stages in between on their way to the next hue.

A friend told me the other day that she loves Fall… I said I don’t, because it reminds me that summer is fading… gone. But as I think of it today, I guess I lied because even though summer is my favorite season (OK… I’m into excess… maximum exposure to sun/greenery/life in bloom) Fall does have that peaceful, lazy feel of knowing that cozy nights by the fireplace are not too far off- snow days here & there for my 16-year old, and watching kids slide down the hill on trash can lids or whatever else they can find on those rare days- even the big turkey on the table with friends gathered round- it’s all coming closer.

Yes, summer is gone, but this special time… this crisp, colorful season is so… what? I guess it is comforting. Warm even as temperatures chill. Though everything changes, nature is kind. There is beauty and pleasure in every single phase of the year. For now we can enjoy the relatively warm weather, the crisp skies, the amazing, fiery colors and the unique gifts of this season which seem to whisper: Live now. Always now.

Lake Oswegans: Remember to either dispose of your Fall leaves at designated drop-off sites including Grimm’s Fuel, compost them, or place them in “kraft” bags available at hardware and home-improvement stores for pick-up by Allied Waste for an additional $3.04 per bag charge. Happy Fall!