Dogs and Dugouts at Hazelia Field

Well, Hazelia Field at Luscher Farm has withstood the test of two seasons and is now receiving not only raves, but awards as well!

Construction was completed on the new multi-use field near Lakeridge High School in the spring, the first sporting events being soccer and lacrosse. The field also accommodates football and baseball. It boasts a playing field made of plastic fibers and ground-up rubber which has excellent lasting capacity and drainage according to Gary Evans, assistant director at Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation. Neighbors’ concerns were addressed with state-of-the-art, computer-controlled, “green” lighting that uses a minimum number of fixtures and reduces energy-wasting light “spill”. The park is open until 10:00PM, but lights may be turned off by teams if they’re finished early by calling a toll-free number and entering a password. Most local leagues may use the field for free once a seasonal fee is paid.

Amenities of the 12-acre site include walking paths and access to trailheads, a beautiful 1.5 acre wetland, playground, parking lot, restroom facility and two luxurious off-leash dog parks- one is 1.6 acres and intended for larger gregarious dogs (though it is open to all dogs), whereas the other is 1.1 acres and reserved for smaller and/or timid dogs. Both dog parks include incredible fencing that is seemingly jump-, dig-, and escape-proof with double-entry gates. There are also benches and picnic tables for dog owners to relax and/or socialize, covered/shady areas for rainy or too-sunny days, water-stations, garbage cans, you-scoop-bags, and open areas for playing fetch or just letting the dogs play.

All this has caught the attention of Oregon Parks and Recreation, who awarded Hazelia Field its “2008 Design Award”. The Design Award recognizes the most well-designed public recreation area, park, athletic field, urban mall or recreation building. Criteria includes maintenance design, cost-effectiveness, visibility and appearance, energy efficiency, price, size, special challenges, innovative design and/or equipment, and most efficient use.

In addition to all Hazelia Field’s offerings, it strives to maintain the rural feel of the neighborhood and the “farm feel” of the site itself. It also implemented an impressive storm water management system wherein open rainwater gardens in the middle of the parking lot collect water and convey it into the wetlands where sediments are settled and water is purified. This is also the case for water collected from the artificial turf field.

So… take a coffee break and give your dog a treat! Head on over and support your local team! But do enjoy this local treasure this fall season, and in all seasons.