Say What?


Recently, one of my clients voiced exasperation regarding abbreviations on the MLS. She wondered if I might change them so that others looking at her property online would not be as confused as she was. I explained that as much as I might like to do that for her, these abbreviations are mostly generated automatically by the system, and not under my control as a Realtor.

This got me to thinking… Those of us in “the business” get used to seeing these abbreviations, and though occasionally one comes up with which we are unfamiliar, we are acclimated to most of them. I am sure that many people searching for properties would benefit from a resource to assist in this regard. Until that time comes, I thought I’d offer a list of some of the more interesting ones. A few of these may only show up on Realtor-accessible information, but most can pop up for you when you’re searching and cause you to see stars… or question marks:

ACC-ACT According to Accountant

ACC-OWN According to Owner

ACT-SOL Active Solar Heat

ALY Alley

APOD Annual Property Operation Data

BI-DOVN Built-In Double Oven

BINLITE Built-In Lighting

CC&RS Conditions, Covenants & Restrictions

DEEDRES Deed Restrictions

ENG-RPT Engineering Structural Reports

EXTMANT Exterior Maintenance

FEASIBL Feasibility Study

FRM/FOR Farm/Forest

FRT-ELE Freight Elevator

GA+500’ Natural Gas over 500’ From Site

INVN Inventory Included

IRR-WAT Irrigation Water Available

I-STORG Inside Storage

JOINT-V Owner Would Consider Joint Venture

L Lower Level

LEGDESC Legal Description

LIM-ACC Limited Access

LSE-BAK Owner Occupied Will Lease Back

LSE-ESC Lease With Escalation

LSSECUR Leased Security System

M Main Level

MANTREC Maintenance Records Available

MINI-ST Mini Storage

MINRTRS Mineral Rights Reservations

MINSTEP Minimal Steps

MO HOA Dues Frequency Every Month

MRCHTIM Merchantable Timber

NATLITE Natural Lighting

NEGO Possession Negotiable

NONCONF Non-Conforming Use

NO-VALU Existing Structure of No Value

OPR-EXP Operating Expense Report

OWSECUR Owned Security System

PAS-SOL Passive Solar/Passive Solar Heat

PASTACC Past Accessibility

PDS Pressure Distribution System

PLB-ICE Plumbed For Ice

PW+500’ Power Over 500’ From Site

RDSPLIT Road Splits Property

REQFILL Requires Land Fill

ROD+1 Recording of Deed + 1 Day

ROLLSHR Roll in Shower


RPROTIM Reproduced Timber

SEERMKS See Remarks

SEPLVQT Apartment or Auxiliary Living Unit

SGI State GI Loan

SH-SEP Shared Septic

SOILRPT Soil Report Required

SPT-APP Septic Site Approved

SPT-CT Sport Court

SUB-INS Subject To Inspection

SUBJTEN Subject To Tenancy

SW+500’ Sewer Over 500’ From Site

SWR-AVL Sewer Available at Property Line

TAN-BDS Tanning Beds

TEST-AV Soil Test Available

TEST-RQ Soil Test Required

TIMB-CR Timber Cruise

U Upper Level

UG-UTIL Underground Utilities

W/D-HUP Washer/Dryer Hookup

WA+500’ Public Water Over 500’ From Site

WALKSHR Walk-In Shower

WD-DOOR Wide Door

WT-CERT Water Rights Certification

WT-RM Weight Room

WT-USEP Water Use Permit

XASTFAN Exhaust Fan

YR HOA Dues Frequency Every Year

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  1. WOW! Thanks for taking the time to do this! The service you and your team offer, in my opinion, exceed the services provided by many other agents. In the future, if I need the services of a real estate agent, I will be sure to contact you.

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