Lake Oswego Farmer’s Market

It’s summer time and one of the great joys of the season is all of the fresh produce and bright assortment of flowers that are available at this time of year. In Lake Oswego these can be found in abundance at the local Farmer’s Market. Located in Millenium Plaza Park on Lake Oswego’s East side, the market is open on Saturdays from 8am to 1pm, mid May to the end of October. There is free parking and even doggie daycare (dogs are not allowed in the market).

Arrive hungry because there is so much good food to eat. My personal favorite are the huge omelets that are made by Philly’s Fat Omelets and Breakfast Burritos. They are large and stuffed with an assortment of options that you choose. Topped off with their wonderful salsa, it is something that my mouth starts watering over the minute I wake up on Saturday mornings. You will also find cinnamon rolls that are baked and sold by the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center, fresh squeezed juices, Kettlecorn, freshly made pies and breads, as well as a wide variety of lunch fare such as La Vang’s salad rolls, and a booth offering Middle Eastern cuisine.

Numerous farms bring their crops to the market. You’ll find all sorts of fruit and produce. Especially abundant are the berries: strawberries, blue berries, and black berries. There are vendors who sell just organic lettuce, and vendors who sell not only tomatoes, but tomato plants too. There are booths run by local nurseries so that you can purchase plants for your own garden. I have also seen a table set up by local master gardeners where you can ask experts your gardening questions.

Complimenting the fresh produce and good food, you will find an assortment of other vendors. Craft cheese makers, organic meats, and smoked salmon, are a few worth mentioning. And then there are a several artisans mixed in with unique items such as lavender soap and hand crafted jewelry.

Fresh flowers are sold in abundance by several flower growers. They are sold very inexpensively, and you will enjoy the luxury of fresh-cut flowers in your home without having to sacrifice them from your own garden. You can even pick and choose your own bouquet to get exactly the color assortment that you prefer.

While you are eating and shopping there is usually live music being performed on the park stage. There are numerous tables set up to enjoy your meal while you enjoy the music.

It is truly a community gathering place. I don’t know what the attendance is each week, but it is wildly popular and something that many people look forward to as a feature of summer living. I know that I love it and I think that you will as well.