Dressing For the Rain

Here in Oregon we gear up for the persistent rainy season – which usually lasts from October until June (or perhaps it would be fitting to call our summer the one and only sunny season).
In any case, Oregon is very much known for its greenery and its rain. So how do we locals get ready for the rain?

Rain jackets and wind-breakers. Though wind-breakers are virtually fashionable sheets of waterproof rubber, these bad boys remain the mark of the state! In fact many who have lived here for generations will opt for their wind-breaker rather than an umbrella. Wind-breakers are also nice because you can wear them on the outside of your cloth warm jacket or work blazer. Get yourself a charming pair of rubber goulashes and you’re set!

Art: “Smile At The Rain” – by Beth Mendrickson Logan
(I chose to use this piece of art, which belongs to Beth Logan, because as a little girl I remember seeing it in my classroom. My teacher said: You can tell an Oregonian by how they hold their head up high in the rain.)

Smile At The Rain