Teal Pumpkins in Lake Oswego

Hello everybody! I hope fall has been pleasant and enjoyable. We seem to be having some of this warm weather stretch out, which will hopefully mean a fun and dry Halloween!
Halloween is my favorite holiday, not only because of the candy and costumes but also because you get to walk with your family around the neighborhood and see the creative decorations that your neighbors worked tirelessly to put out.
One such addition to our spooky decorations that we may be seeing in Lake Oswego is the presence of a teal pumpkin. With food allergies becoming a growing concern the Food Allergy Research and Education has launched a project to encourage households to hand out non-food treats for the little ones. This way children with food allergies can enjoy this holiday without risk of getting sick.
There is an official pledge that I strongly suggest you visit here, though you can be an unofficial participant simply by having a teal pumpkin out and handing out toys instead of candy. When your teal pumpkin is out that will let parents know that you provide non-candy options. Though I do recommend you check out the official web site to learn a bit more before doing this.

Here are some non-candy ideas:
Spooky Halloween toys
Jelly bracelets
Spooky Halloween stationary (like pencils and erasers)
Spooky Halloween jewelry
Glow sticks!

I hope everybody here in Lake Oswego has a safe and fun Halloween!

Teal Pumpkin

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