What are Flowers Worth?

Lake Oswego Flowers
Hello all!

With the approach of spring comes the inevitable yard chores: fixing the fence, de mossing the roof, and planting annuals. Some of us really enjoy spending time outside in our yards, and some just don’t find much draw to yard work. But did you know that a nice clean yard helps in adding to the value of your home?
Sure planting flowers does not increase the appraised value, but it could be the key factor to attracting the right buyer! When we buy homes we are not often looking at JUST the interior of the home but the exterior, space, and location. Flowers, a new fence or deck, and a tidy lawn allow buyers to think in terms of what they would want to do with the space, and are less likely to worry about updating. And hey if you are not good with flowers then you can buy local plants that do not need much maintenance, but still help add aesthetic value to your home (even cactuses work).
So lets welcome the start of spring and get to some yard chores!