The 10 days of the Inspection Period

Inspections! Inspections! Inspections!

So as my learning experience continues to chug along like the little real estate choo choo train that it is; I have come to really value what is found during the home inspections process and I’d like to share some of my experience with you!

First of all I cannot stress how critical the inspection time period is: From the moment an offer is accepted (and all counters are considered) your inspection period starts.

In our contract it states:
”Buyer shall have ___ business days (ten [10] if not filled in), after the date Buyer and Seller have signed this Agreement (hereinafter the “Inspection Period”), which is to complete all inspections and negotiations with Seller regarding any matters disclosed in any inspection report.”

Now! I don’t want to get too preachy, as our contract has a WEALTH of information that protects both our buyers and sellers. But this portion is super important. Basically what it is saying is that once your offer (as a buyer) is accepted then you have 10 business days to fully inspect the home that you are about to buy. At the end of the 10 business days the inspection period closes and it will be assumed that as the buyer you are accepting the house as is!

How you should see this; is as your safety net for an investment and start your inspections ASAP once you enter those 10 days. The sooner you can collect further information on the house the better, as you will want to further negotiate with the seller about the things you have found.

Now I know that those out there who have the sale of their house in mind are thinking:

“Hey wait a minute! What about me? The sale of my home is my investment as well!”

And that is absolutely correct! During the inspection period it will be critical for you as the seller to allow the buyer to perform these inspections so that they may gather the necessary information on the house, and hopefully buy it from you. Whatever comes back to you as a critical or necessary change to the property (that the buyer wishes to express) becomes your knowledge as well, and as a seller you will want to know.

Now during these 10 business days of the Inspection Period, a buyer can at any time unconditionally disapprove of the house due to the found inspections and leave the contract. Say for instance the entire main bathroom floor is rotted and neither buyer nor seller can afford the costly repair at this time, the buyer can decide to politely take his leave as well as his earnest money.

So all in all I wish to communicate that getting your inspections done promptly once entering into a contract to buy a home is super important for everybody involved. 10 business days may seem like a fair amount of time, but by no means is it a time to put off. The inspection period time is your time in your investment.