Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy and Safe Thanksgiving

Today is a very wonderful holiday, not only for us as friends and family but also for homes and houses. Today we give thanks for all the many things that we are blessed with in our lives while we celebrate a patronage that has been on-going in our culture since as early as 1621.
Why is this important for our homes and houses? Because the very thought of Thanksgiving throughout the year attributes to our many reasons to wanting to be home owners. When we look at a house we see ourselves in that house as well as imagine our friends and family. Thanksgiving is a very good reason why we’d lean toward a more open kitchen or larger dinning room. Our homes express our lives and our lives are enriched with the people that we are gifted to be around, and a home that suits our experiences through the many holidays is an asset not only for our wealth in money but in happiness and fulfillment.
This Thanksgiving I would like to give thanks to all those homeowners out there who are right now hosting their family gatherings in their kitchens, livingrooms, dinning rooms, and entertainment rooms. Who have found the house of their dreams and spent the last week sprucing it up for their guests. Thank you hosts and homeowners!