A little bit about mold

Hello everybody,

Whitney here! I’m posting this a little late, I apologize. It has been the week of catching colds!

Speaking of colds; I hope everybody is getting ready to weather through the winter, whether you are hunkering down and dealing, or going out there and enjoying the many things this season has to offer! During this change we close our windows and turn up the heat while outside it begins to fall ever-so-slightly into frigid chilliness.

This however means that our houses are not going to be as ventilated as they where during the spring and summer months, which can lead to mold.

How do you get mold?

Mold spores are often in the air already, and are supposed to grow outside when given the right circumstances. It is when it comes indoors that it becomes a problem. Mold kind of likes the same living space that we do: not to cold, not to hot, lots of water, and a comfy area that is free of drastic changes in the weather.

Any place that is moderate in temperature, damp, and unventilated runs the risk of accumulating mold. To put it bluntly: Everything in your house is mold food.

So how do you get rid of mold?

Controlling an areas moisture is essential to your artillery of defense against mold. For without ample amounts of water mold cannot grow. To do this you can simply ventilate your bathrooms, kitchen, and area where you keep your washer and dryer. Any place where you have water going in the house needs to be open, aired out, and cleaned frequently.

But how do you do this when it’s freezing cold outside?

Making sure that your bathroom ventilation is working properly is pretty important, as are the vents leading from your washer/dryer to the exterior of your home. In a pinch, if you feel that your home’s ventilation is not up to speed with the rate you feel you are at risk of mold: then you can purchase a dehumidifier from any major appliances store.

Anyway, that is my little tid bit about mold! I do hope your fall season has been vibrant, safe, and fun!

If you are interested in knowing more about mold, types of mold, and preventative steps to eliminating mold in your home; you can follow the link below. It has helped me learn a lot.


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