An Amazing Market for Buyers…

What a market. Some of what CNN reports applies here locally and some does not, but no matter how you look at it, this is the time to buy if you’re so inclined. I am told by mortgage and financial planning experts that rates are not likely to go down, but only up (generally speaking) from here on out.

A professional I trust, Pat Goodell, with Prospect Mortgage, says:

Aggressive measures to keep mortgage financing available for potential homeowners have been established now. This will help to stabilize housing prices and continue to make home ownership an affordable reality. HUD has created new programs to complement existing FHA options, and interest rates remain at very comfortable levels, fluctuating right now around 6% for 30-year fixed loans.

Appraisers in the Portland area are reporting values have leveled off – they are no longer seeing the significant drops in value we have seen in the last year.

Though there are still challenges in the economy and housing market, there are very clear steps being established to ensure that the consumer is able to purchase a home at affordable rates, while providing that the loan does not put them at risk in the future. The Four C’s of mortgage lending are important- Credit, Cash, Collateral (property), and Capacity (ability to make the payment), but there are still great programs available to allow the responsible person to get into a home with as little as 3% down, and even 0 down under the right circumstances.

We here at the Blotter recommend that you talk to your real estate broker about the market, and assess your options if you have been thinking about buying but have been waiting for the “right moment”. We also welcome a call or an email to us too if you’re not working with anyone & want to talk about what buying would look like for you at this amazing time in real estate history.

Stay informed. Decide what is best for you. Knowledge + Discernment is the winning formula.

…….What a ride!